The new range of chocolate drops and cocoa mass is out !

The secret of Frederic Blondeel ? The selection of amazing cocoa beans combined with the right roasting slightly sweetened with cane sugar or coco blossom sugar. These chocolate drops are easy to melt and will help you create delicious pastries, chocolates, ice creams, drinks and much more.

Within our range you will also find 100% cocoa mass from several origins in order to let you make you own chocolate! Enjoy the freedom of adding your very own ingredients (sugar, milk, etc, …) to create a unique chocolate

Drops for cooking ( 300 gr ou 3 kg )

  • India 100%
  • Costa Rica 100%
  • India 80%
  • Costa Rica 80%
  • India 70%
  • Costa Rica 70%
  • Costa Rica milk
  • Coffee dark
  • Coffee milk

Cocoa mass / Liquor ( 20kg )

  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Peru
  • Vietnam